What we can do for you

  • We provide a bespoke service. Whether you require Islamic Swarovski Art or more traditional Islamic Art, we cater to your specific needs. You commission the artwork the way you want it.

    Take a look at the portfolio for inspiration. You can also email a picture of the room or describe your requirements by email / phone. We will ensure the process of you commissioning a piece of Islamic Art is enjoyable, exciting but also without burden or hassle.

  • We produce unique pieces by hand with care and dedication. For your home, business and even personalised gift ideas.

  • We can also provide a bespoke frame, additional canvases on either side of the main canvas and /or a backboard to compliment and give your artwork that additional dramatic finish.

  • You may prefer your name in Arabic Calligraphy, your favourite quote, hadith, words of wisdom, supplications (dua’s) and so on… created on canvas in Arabic or English. Just let us know your requirements and request a fee quote and we will do our best to meet your needs.

The Artist

You will not see a photograph of the artist or a lengthy background description on this site. This is because the founder and artist behind ‘Asheeq Art’ prefers Islamic art to be the focus. It is the beauty of the artwork that must be promoted as opposed any individual’s profile.

When commissioning art it is important to avoid influence as to the profile of an artist. Instead be influenced by the artwork, the Arabic Calligraphy and the beauty. We believe it is a demonstration of faith in its infinite magnificence both visually and spiritually.

After all, it would be futile to claim the credit of such work when there is just ONE true artist… The rest of us are mere vehicles of HIS complete greatness…

Contact our team at enquiries@asheeqart.com to bring your ideas to life.

Choosing Islamic Art

Any lover / purchaser of Islamic Art must be influenced entirely by the artwork itself and feel a connection with the beauty contained in such art, not the personality behind it. We ask any purchaser of our art to ask this question of themselves before deciding to purchase any particular piece.

The Islamic scholars are in agreement with regards Islamic Art. So long as it serves as a way to remember Islam then it is permissible to create and allow your walls (etc) to be adorned with such artwork.

It is therefore essential that any buyer of Islamic art feels a bond with the words, the design and beauty to ensure such connection will serve as an aid to remembrance, as opposed to being just another piece of artwork on the wall.

Contact our team to discuss your ideas and preferences: enquiries@asheeqart.com