The Reasons Why We Love Calligraphy

October 20, 2018

The Reasons Why We Love Calligraphy

If you take a moment to browse the Asheeq catalogue, you’ll see that a lot of our pieces make heavy use of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is a staple of Islamic art. You’ll see it in many pieces. Again, it comes down to the core principle of the art style. Calligraphy allows for expressions of beauty and creativity without celebrating the human form. It’s also beautiful to look at. Great calligraphy makes use of smooth curves and a steady hand to create gorgeous pieces of art.

But let’s look beyond the religious context. What’s so wonderful about calligraphy in our eyes?

Let us tell you the reasons why we love calligraphy.

Reason #1 – It’s Therapeutic

There’s something deeply therapeutic about calligraphy. The constant ebb and flow of the brush allows you to get almost lost in the piece. You lose sight of all of the stresses of the day and instead absorb yourself into the piece of art that you’re creating.

Of course, that’s all for the art’s creator.

But calligraphy has a similar effect on the viewer as well. There’s just something so calming about the shapes and smoothness of the pieces that encourages you to lose sight of the problems in your life.

Reason #2 – It’s a Challenge

What is life without challenges?

Calligraphy is an art form that requires great dedication and a steadiness of hand to truly master. The artist must understand how their writing flows together to create a truly great piece.

Even the smallest of mistakes can damage the overall picture.

The process of learning is important in all aspects of life. Calligraphy presents a challenge that must be overcome before you can master it and use it to express your creativity. In this sense, it sharpens the mental faculties and helps to develop skills that you may not have trained before.

Perhaps viewing great calligraphy will inspire you to try it for yourself. If so, you have a wonderfully educational journey ahead of you that’s reflective of life itself.

Reason #3 – Calligraphy Mixes Well With Other Art Forms

Calligraphy is just one of the many tools that an artist may have available to them. It’s also one of the most versatile.

Calligraphy has been seen in artwork of all types over the centuries. From traditional Islamic art through to Western pieces, it often finds a place. Of course, calligraphy is also highly valued in Japanese culture and is often a heavy feature in art from that region.

Great calligraphy can even make the words in a book achieve a more stunning artistic sensibility.

It’s an art form that stands out on its own and melds well with other art forms. That alone makes it beautiful in a way that almost transcends the artistic realm.

The Final Word

You’ll find many examples of wonderful calligraphy at Asheeq. Each piece has a meaning and represents the hard work and creativity of the artist. Each is also a celebration of an art form that has been celebrated and used over thousands of years.

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