This artwork has made in dedication to Mohammed (SAW).  

Our beloved Prophet (SAW) was sent by Allah as a “mercy to all the worlds” and an “illuminating lamp” of guidance.  He was a “walking Quran”, his face is often compared to the bright moon. The Quran was revealed to him over a 23 year period in which he was described as the “seal of the prophets.” (33:40)

He was Allah’s chosen one and his very best servant.  Our goal in life should be to follow in his beautiful footsteps and try to emulate his life and carry wisdom in our being.

This artwork highlights some of his prophetic traditions (hadith) principles which are timeless and can provide us comfort and guidance.  This is a must have for all households and will serve as a reminder of the nature of Prophet daily. Concepts such as leadership, racism, humanity, equality, environment, truthfulness, forgiveness, gratitude, mercy, kindness and compassion are all concepts we can learn from. 

40" by 50" (101cm x127cm)