Be! and it is!


Allah commands the universe to be (KUN) and it is (FAYAKUN)

Prior to the creation of the universe there was nothing and no one. Allah (God) gave his single command “Be!” and created the stars, the sun, the moon, time as we know it, all beings and all events ever since. 

As human beings we all yearn for something: we try, we fail, we fall, we feel hopeless … but as believers we should always get back up again and keep faith and trust in the Almighty.   He knows what we do not …we have to be in action and keep trying no matter what the test.  These powerful words are profound in their wisdom and can provide unshakeable faith to all of mankind if internalised.

These divine words can be found in eight different places in the Holy Quran.  The smaller calligraphy is used to demonstrate all the attempts and hopes for something which doesn’t quite happen.  However, with unshakeable faith all it takes is one prayer to be accepted, one moment in time and one command… He says BE! And it is.  The grand centralised calligraphy is illustrated using Swarovski pearls and crystals demonstrating that Allah (God) has accepted your prayers or you have been given something even better.

An Inspirational reminder through the power of these simple words Allah(God) almighty can bring anything (without limit) into creation.



States- (“KunFaYa Kun”) - BE! AND IT IS


Size: 48" (121cm) by 38" (96cm)



For the UK - Delivery can take up to 2-3 MONTHS. We will email and confirm all arrangements once the request has been received. This piece will be made by handmade. 

International delivery is also available, however you must contact us to arrange this (can NOT be done ordered on website).  This item may require a white glove delivery service, we will manually calculate then email the most competitive delivery rate to you within 2 working days from receipt of your request.


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