This is the very creed of Islam.  The Shahaada is divided into two parts: the first – “There is no god but Allah” which is the confession of the oneness of Allah on which Islamic theology is based. The second – “Muhammed is (God’s) messenger” – which confirms the belief of the prophethood of Muhammed, from which Islam completes the Islamic ethical code.

No one can be a Muslim without believing and adhering to the tenets of the shahaada. It is the belief in these words in their truest sense that cause one to enter Islam.

The Shahada is also recited in the Azan (call to prayer) including salah (daily ritual prayer).  It is also recommended that this is recited before death.

PLEASE NOTE: The resolution of these pictures has purposefully been lowered to protect the copyright of the artwork.  You will be receiving the highest quality original prints. 


Meaning: “La Ilaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasullullah” – There is no god but Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah.


REGULAR – 12” x 16” (30cm x 40.6cm)

MEDIUM – 16” X 20” (41cm x 50.8cm)

LARGE – 20” x 30” (51cm x 76.2cm)

X LARGE – 24” x 36” (61cm x 91.4cm)

For any bespoke sizes or frame colours, please contact us.


Perspex Print – Printed on fade resistant exhibition film, your images are bonded to a 10mm thick, solid piece of acrylic, and hung on an invisible sub-frame. It’s a contemporary, vivid, and high-impact format.


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